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Woman Who Let Her Hair Grow For 30 Years Gets Stunning Makeover From Rachael Ray

Makeover segments on morning talk shows will always be popular, which is why some variations of a fashion or beauty transformation find their way into their own series.

Remember Extreme Makeover? The Biggest Loser? What Not To Wear? When they were running, these TV shows were watched by millions of people each week.


The reasons why are plentiful.

The reveal is always a highlight of the show but many people tune it for the individual stories that get told.


TV host and cook Rachael Ray has told hundreds of these stories over the years on her talk show, the Rachael Ray Show, and they never get old.


One recent makeover told the story of Mitsy, who’s had the same style for 30 years – including her hair!

Mitsy’s hair had grown over 45 inches long and her mom, Mary, desperately felt a makeover who boost Mitsy’s self-esteem.

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