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Quadriplegic Man Finishes And Becomes The Star Of The Chicago Marathon

Robinson was left as a walking quadriplegic, also called an incapable quadriplegic, following a car accident in 1991.

The 62-year-old finished his first Chicago Marathon in 2003 and has been running in them ever since.


This year, he was weak and had an even more difficult time than previously. Robinson took 15-minute breaks through the Windy City course and was encouraged by a group of friends who wanted to accompany him this year.

The race began at 7:30 am and 15 hours later, Robinson crossed the finish line for the final time.

Watch This Amazing Story Of Never Giving Up:

Robinson has a serious heart condition which is forcing him to stop running marathons. Recently, he also overcame prostate cancer, which is also a cause of his retirement.

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