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What This Police Officer Did For This Non-Verbal Young Boy Is Very Special Indeed

It’s a hard condition to describe. Even in our more enlightened and concerned times, we wrestle with a definition. What we know is that it is a brain disorder which affects communication, abstract thinking, and socializing. Those who have it may seem “normal” while others with more severe types are isolated and disengaged.

This Is Kyson Baler


Still, those with autism are treated as handicapped, listened as mentally deficient and/or slow when this is not the case. The brain is affected, but not in the way we associated with someone with intellectual limits. In fact, many with the condition exceed in ways you wouldn’t expect – like artistically or creatively.

And This Is Officer Chris Scott


Now, Kyson Baler may or may not have autism. His mother, Jessica, has never found a doctor who could give her a definite answer. What she does know is that her boy’s developmental issues have robbed him of his independence. The boy is unable to speak, and must stay committed to a strict schedule less the lack of regiment throw him off. He gets very upset when things change, something a few folks learned recently when Kyson was introduced to a new case worker at the agency that monitors him. Then the police got involved.

And This Is The Moment That Changed Them Both


What Happened Between The Policeman And The Boy? Continue On To Find Out