Officer Questions Homeless Woman For ‘Suspicious Behavior’ But Changes His Mind After Hearing Her Story

When Officer Pierson arrived at the scene, he approached the woman, who he noticed was very young and homeless. She explained that she wasn’t breaking into cars at all, she was using the vehicles’ shade to block the hot and bright California sun and was shifting her position throughout the day to stay protected from the rays.

She told Officer Pierson she was 18 and her name was Franki.  The teen told the officer that she had been homeless since she was 12 and had lost a child the year before due to a miscarriage. Officer Pierson’s heart went out to the woman and he looked at her feet and saw she was without shoes. She explained that her feet were dirty and full of callouses because she hadn’t had any shoes in over two months.

Today while shopping at the mall, a police officer walked in with a young lady that had no shoes on. I asked the…

Posted by Joshuah Rounds on Sunday, November 8, 2015

Officer Pierson decided that today was the day Franki would get some shoes. He ushered her inside the mall and the two entered the Payless Shoe Source. A man nearby overheard what the cop was doing and decided to follow suit, buying Franki a second pair!

The man named Josh wrote on Facebook that “she walked out of Payless with two pairs of shoes, a pack of socks, and a scarf since the weather is getting cold.” But Franki wasn’t the only person who was the recipient of an act of kindness that day. The manager at Payless was so impressed by the good Samaritan’s generosity, the store rewarded Josh with a 30-percent discount.

Officer Pierson and Josh didn’t buy Franki new shoes and socks that day because they wanted to make the news, they did it because they had compassion for someone less fortunate, but they made their local news anyway!

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Source: California Police Officer’s Act of Kindness Goes Viral by DailyHeadlines

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