Officer Questions Homeless Woman For ‘Suspicious Behavior’ But Changes His Mind After Hearing Her Story

We’ve heard our entire lives not to judge someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes but sometimes we find ourselves judging complete strangers anyway. This is especially true when it comes to the homeless population to varying degrees. Some people can be downright rude to people living on the streets, shouting at them to “get a job!” not ever knowing what their situation is that found them in their current predicament.


Some people lose their spouse and can’t afford the upkeep of their house or their company goes through a bout of downsizing and they’re the unlucky one whose name was drawn to be terminated. There are numerous reasons that people find themselves down on their luck – it isn’t always because they have a substance abuse problem or are lazy.


All it takes is one kind and compassionate individual to look past the circumstance and see the human being standing before them for who they really are – a living breathing person for others to follow suit. In some cases, this could be a social worker or volunteer and in other cases, it could be someone you’d least expect…


Bruce Pierson is a Temecula, California police officer who responded to a call that a woman was “acting suspiciously” in a mall parking lot, wandering around between cars. Officer Pierson was familiar with this type of call all too well, but he wasn’t expecting what he found what he arrived at the Promenade Mall.

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