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Pink Lady, Kitten Kay Sera, Lives Every Single Day Of Her Life In Favorite Color

After spending the first two decades of her life wearing every color of the rainbow, Kitten Kay Sera has narrowed her color palette down to just one color: PINK. But her favorite color rule isn’t just relegated to her closet because Kitten prefers to be surrounded by everything that is tinted with her favorite girly hue.

Kitten Kay Sera Lives Her Life In PINK!

She told the Sun that people are absolutely amazed by her collection of all things pink: “I have pink televisions, DVDs, computers, phones, cameras, vases, tables, chairs, sofas, beds, crockery, cooking bowls, pots and pans, dish sponges, pink vacuum, pink wardrobe, pink piano and pink lamp shades.”

Not Only Does She Wear Her Fave Hue, But Her House Is Decorated In Pink, Too!

Kitten makes a living in the entertainment industry doing voiceovers, performing songs and a working a few acting gigs from time to time.

Even Her Dog Is Pink

She even drives a pink car!

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