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Pop Superstar Pink Gave Her Daughter The Best Advice And We All Should Listen To It

Traditionally, pop stars are told how to sing, what to wear, where to go, and who to hang out with.

Their true voices are rarely heard as record execs and producers hand-pick their next protegés with the hopes they become their next stars – and ultimately, cash cows.

But not all pop stars follow suit or orders.

Pink’s journey to superstardom began like most pop artists.

She was a part of an R&B girl group, but the record label was only interested in Pink, so they signed her to a solo deal.


She sang the songs the label wanted her to sing, dressed the way they wanted her to dress, and so on.

But deep down, Miss Alecia Moore knew this was not the way her career was going to go for much longer and we are all lucky that this bright, talented, beautiful, and strong woman decided to open her mouth and let us know what’s really up!


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For years now, Pink has been a beacon of truth, strength, and positive self-esteem for young women everywhere.

She is not going to let anyone tell her what she’s worth – she knows she’s a queen and she thinks all females are too; especially her gorgeous daughter Willow.

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