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You’ve Seen ‘Letters To My Younger Self,’ But You’ve Never Seen This!

The “Letter to my younger self” post is growing increasingly popular on celeb sites. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s when an athlete or celebrity pens a letter to themselves when they were younger – usually during a pivotal time in their childhood.

They are always reflective and usually give affirmation to a decision that weighed heavily on them at the time.

A photographer from Montreal decided on taking “letter to my younger self” and kick it up a notch.

Conor Nickerson created a project where he photoshopped himself as he is now into photos of him as a child.

The talented artist inserted his “now self” alongside photos of his “then self” from 1997-2005 and the results are nostalgic perfection.

Apple Pickin’

Conor is a gifted photographer (as you will soon see) who captures every detail perfectly.

Grandma’s Birthday

He’s even able to insert himself into photos using facial expressions that are spot-on.

Christmas Present Help

Here, Conor is helping himself open presents on Christmas.


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