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Mother Shows Horrific Photo Of Car Crash And Explains How Her Children Survived

Jenna Rabberman was driving her two small children in her SUV when she pulled over for a shopping trip.

Suddenly, a car slammed into her Honda at a high speed, completely totally the SUV but leaving her and her two sons unscathed.

The reason her six-week and two-year-old are safe? She had them properly secured following the guidelines and laws.


The photo shows the two car seats in immaculate condition following the crash with the totally SUV in the background.


After receiving many messages from people seeing her post from shares, Jenna took to her Facebook page again to give an update.


Jenna also received many comments from strangers thanking her for her post, which brings to light something that should be at the forefront of every parent’s thoughts when they strap their little ones in, but unfortunately, isn’t always.

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