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Mother Shows Horrific Photo Of Car Crash And Explains How Her Children Survived

Although they vary, every state in the U.S. has a car seat law. These laws are in place to provide safe transportation of children of all ages.

It seems simple and obvious, right?


The safety of their children should be every parent’s biggest concern, but all-too-often, ignorance and/or time-saving purposes cloud their judgment with car seat installation as well as proper use.


A parent may think: “I’m a safe driver and have never been in an accident, so I don’t need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.”

They couldn’t be more wrong!


Just because an individual has a clean driving record and hasn’t been involved in an accident yet, doesn’t mean everyone on the road around them can boast the same.

One mother is showing parents exactly why following the manufacturer’s guidelines and the car seat laws are crucial if you have young children.

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