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Photographer Accused Of Racism After His Model ‘Shudu’ Becomes Instafamous!

After recent months of movements and protests, many people feel like we are living on the cusp of magnificent times, even though it might not seem like it at first. After former movie-making mogul Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexual harassment and assault by more than 50 women, some of them A-list starlets, the #MeToo movement began spreading like wildfire on social media and there’s no sign the flames will be extinguished anytime soon.

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Following suit was #TimesUp, which piggybacked off #MeToo and also focused on equal rights and pay for women in Hollywood and beyond. Diversity is being demanded in industries across the country, from STEM to entertainment and it’s not just women that are demanding equality – minorities and kids are too.

Teenaged survivors of the Parkland shooting in Florida have inspired students around the country to stand up for gun reform and making our schools safer.

It’s understandable that with these developments comes uncertainty in social situations. People aren’t sure if they are being politically correct enough or if what they are saying is offensive. One photographer wanted to show what he felt was a beauty not represented enough in mainstream media and he’s getting dragged pretty hard for his images of a black model called “Shudu.”

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“Shudu represents what I’ve always seen as beautiful, but something I don’t see often enough,” Cameron-James Wilson said. “Although there’s a slight change happening now, more people need to question, what really is beautiful.”

If you’re celebrating Wilson’s beliefs and questioning why they would be controversial, Wilson leaves one minor detail out of his statements and the Instagram captions.

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