Pedicurist’s Warning Ignored Until Mother Of Two Needs Her Foot Amputated

We told you the story recently about the woman who nearly lost her life as a result of a trip to her local nail salon. If you’ve been concerned about booking an appointment lately, another nail salon may restore your faith in your monthly indulgence! Jenn Andrews left her fast-paced corporate career in order to follow her passion and become a health and wellness coach. Unfortunately, Jenn didn’t heed the warnings about her own health, given to her by none other than her pedicurist.


When Jenn was pregnant with her first child, she was getting a pedicure when the tech noticed a small mass about the size of a pea on her foot. Family and friends told her it was likely a ganglion cyst – a noncancerous lump filled with a jellylike fluid – and since she was expecting, she figured there wasn’t much that could have been done about it anyway so she didn’t worry about it too much.


The “cyst” grew significantly throughout the course of her pregnancy to the size of a golfball, but she just chalked it up to hormones and didn’t think much of it. Her doctor wasn’t too concerned about the growth, so why should Jenn be? Not long after she had her daughter, she was expecting Baby No. 2. Again, the “cyst” was pushed to the wayside.


The growth continued to grow but aside from being unsightly, it wasn’t hindering her day-to-day life. Jenn made arrangements to have it removed after he son was born and that’s when doctors realized what it actually was.

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