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Did You Know Painting Your Nails May Be Hazardous To Your Health? Seriously

For those who choose to adorn themselves with the fabled fashion accessory, it’s an afterthought. You look down at your hands, see jagged and crusty fingers and nails, and you immediately run to the salon. All you want is a mani, and perhaps a new color to accent those darling digits. Or maybe you’d prefer a journey to your own home spa, a seat on the couch with Netflix flickering in the background and your personal kit spread out upon the inexpensive throw. Cotton balls, acetone, and all the trimmings turn another exercise in binge watching into a little personal pampering time.

But did you know that painting your fingernails can have a decided downside, and we don’t mean an accidental spill on the furniture or floor or a less than professional look at the end. No, scientists warn that the chemicals used in the product may be messing with your body chemistry. It all has to do with something called triphenlyphosphate and it can undermine your hormonal imbalance. Check out the gallery below. There, you will find more information on this potentially threatening issue. …and then decide. Pretty hands, or personal health.

Who Knew? Painting Your Nails May Have A Dangerous Downside

After All, The Chemicals In The Polish Sit On Your Hands All Day Long

This Means They Have Ample Opportunity To Be Absorbed Into The Body

And That’s Bad

Why? Read On To Find Out

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There Is One Major Chemical That Can Mess Up Your Hormones – Continue On To Find Out More