Online Shopping Fails These 15 People Really Regret Making

Getting shopping deals online feels great, doesn’t it? You see something in a store then rush home to check it out so you can save a couple bucks. Sometimes if you’re lucky, you even get free shipping! Since you’re saving all that money on shipping, you might as well browse around looking for even more deals!

The truth is, a lot of people have online shopping addictions. Sure, saving a few bucks is part of it but some really get a euphoric rush knowing that in a few short days, there will be a package waiting for you at your door that contains the answers to all of life’s problems. Feeling down over a breakup? There’s a pair of shoes calling your name. Bummed out you didn’t get that promotion? No worries, there is the perfect makeup bundle waiting for you!

Online shopping also fills a need that you might have like looking in every store at the mall for that one outfit to wear to your sister’s bachelorette party that you can only find online or a movie that is only available for purchase over the Internet at this point.

Unfortunately, what’s inside that brown box isn’t always the answers you’ve been looking for. In fact, sometimes it’s a complete surprise! These 15 people thought they had ordered one particular item but after their delivery arrived, they may be swearing off online shopping for good.

15. What A Nice Gesture?

Bought my girlfriend a pillow of myself for when she went to university. Didn’t work out as I’d hoped. from CrappyDesign

After sleeping with this she may never go home again.

14. Bonus Kid Included

Dinosaur Pillowcase from CrappyDesign

Technically, this is what they ordered…

13. They Make Black Fruit Roll-Ups?

Beauty products these days from ExpectationVsReality

It was probably worth the extra bucks just to grab it while she was at the store instead of saving a couple dollars and getting this.

12. Either Her Sister Is A Giant Or…

My sister ordered a dress online. from ExpectationVsReality

You almost think she ordered a child’s size until you look closer and realize it’s not even the same design.

11. But It Was Only $10!

This is how they getcha.

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