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This Amazing ‘Toddler’ Is Actually A 13-Year-Old Boy Trapped In A Tiny Body

Imagine being the age you are now, but not looking like it. No, we aren’t asking you to envision some kind of Fountain of Youth where your aging body is renewed to some time from the past. No, think about what it would be like to wake up every day as a teenager and yet still be trapped in the body of a toddler. Your mind is filling with the experiences of adulthood, but the world looks at you like you need to be fed and diapered.

This Is Angus


Angus Palmes is 13-years-old, but by the looks of him, you’d never guess it. Thanks to a chromosomal abnormality, the boy stopped growing when he was a baby. Doctors are mystified as to a reason why. In fact, they call what Angus has “happy syndrome” because they don’t have an official name for it, and because the boy is always smiling and laughing. Some in the media refer to him by another name – the real life Benjamin Button (from the 2008 Brad Pitt film).

He’s A Happy Teenager


Angus can communicate via a simple sign language. He uses his thumb and forefinger, and his mom Tandy usually understands what he wants. He plays, and can walk with assistance. He weighs about 30 pounds and stands at about 3 feet 1 inches. Physically, there are demands. Angus’ mom reports that the boy takes up to 250 medications a week and has had many medical procedures. He even beat the dreaded disease meningitis when he was two.

And His Mom Wants People To See Him As Such


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