Horrific Reminder Not To Use Foam Sprays At Kids’ Birthday Parties

We love our children and aside from wanting them to grow up to be good, protective, kind people we want them to feel good and have fun.

One of the ways parents show their kids how special they really are is on their birthdays when the entire day (and sometimes an entire week!) is all about them.


Of course, parents give their child presents but more than the LEGO set or Barbie they got for their 11th birthday, the child will always remember the party much more.


Think about it: What did you get when you turned 10? Can’t remember exactly?

Where was your birthday party that year and who came to celebrate with you? Bet that question is easier to answer!


It isn’t always about the thing that makes your child happy – not in the long run, anyway. It’s about the memory that they have that lasts them a lifetime.

Unfortunately, not all parties go as planned and some go horribly wrong as you’re about to see on the next page.

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