Nine-Year-Old Boy With Agonizing 4-Pound Belly Button Awaits Life-Changing Operation

*WARNING: This post contains images that are graphic. Proceed with discretion*

Salman started telling his mother of the pain he was in more and more as he continued to deteriorate. She took him, along with one of his oldest brothers, to the Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Centre in Karachi earlier this month. The trio traveled about 200 miles away from their hometown by bus in order for Salman to be seen by a doctor for the first time.


Dr. Ayesha Majeed, who treated Salman spoked about the difficulties in not only waiting so long to get the boy’s hernia looked at, but also about a complication that is delaying his much-needed operation.

“The boy was admitted in the hospital after he complained [of] extreme pain in his hernia,” Dr. Majeed explained. “Initial tests suggest he is also suffering from pneumonia. He must [have had this] hernia since his childhood but as the hernia was left untreated it has grown to this size.”

The physician admitted to never seeing such a large hernia on a child before and that Salman needs to add some weight before undergoing the operation, saying, “He is too weak. We are putting him on a proper diet so that he will gain some weight and get prepared for the surgery.”

Take A Closer Look At Salman’s Condition:

Source: Boy, 9, with hernia double the size of cricket ball hanging from his stomach desperately waiting for surgery  by Caters_News

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