Nine-Year-Old Boy With Agonizing 4-Pound Belly Button Awaits Life-Changing Operation

*WARNING: This post contains images that are graphic. Proceed with discretion*

Nine-year-old Salman Qadir is living proof of the dangers that can occur if medical issues aren’t treated at the onset. Salman has a bellybutton which weighs 4.4 pounds, which is actually an umbilical hernia. According to his mother Kiran, Salman was born via C-section and was “very weak and suffered from jaundice” in Pakistan.


“We all thought he would not survive but he did,” she continued. “He used to have stomach problems and constipation but nothing serious.”

She claims that after getting past his initial health issues, Salman was like any other baby until his bellybutton began to grow a lump when he was six months old.


The little boy is the youngest of 11 children and lost his father suddenly in a bike accident which his mother said “shocked” their family. Kiran told reporters that shock is the reason Salman didn’t get the treatment he needed, saying, “We all were in shock after the death of my husband. His elder brothers used to take him to a local faith healer and instead of any improvement his condition kept worsening.”


Now, Salman cannot walk or fit into clothes for a child his age being as underweight as he is. He was bullied in school and was forced to drop out, which turned the nine-year-old into a recluse. Salman is in constant pain because of his condition.

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