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Girl’s Rare Life-Threatening Condition Inspires Others With YouTube Videos

At the tender young age of six, Nikki Christou was just a regular little girl who enjoyed playing with her friends and participating in activities with her Brownie troop. But when Nikki’s family began to notice several veins appear on her face near her eye, their concern quickly turned to worry when their daughter was diagnosed with a deadly illness.

Nikki’s Family First Noticed Veins Appearing On Her Face Near Her Eye

Nikki has a rare medical condition called AVM, short for arteriovenous malformation, and tumor-like capillaries don’t form properly in her face. Life-threatening side effects have sent her to the hospital numerous times, the with most common being heavy bleeds pouring from her mouth, nose and tear ducts.

She Was Diagnosed With The Rare Condition Called AVM

She was told any activity that would raise her blood pressure would create life-threatening health issues that could send her straight to the ER. Nikki became a prisoner in her own home and became more isolated from her friends. Her eye began to swell more and more each day and she faced numerous questions from people who didn’t understand her condition.

She Began To Make Videos After Having To Stay Isolated Because Of Her Condition

As a result of the unique physical changes AVM have had on Nikki, the young girl decided to create a YouTube video explaining her condition to help others better understand AVM.

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