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Gingers And Bald People Rejoice: You’re Getting Your Own Emojis!

In 2015, Christmas came a few days early for fans of Kim Kardashian West fans when the reality star-turned business mogul, launched KIMOJI on iOS.

KIMOJI was Kim’s official emoji app, which became the top-grossing entertainment app on Apple’s App Store within a day of its release.

People just had to have an emoji of Kim K.’s backside apparently. We can laugh about it now, but KIMOJI was reportedly raking in around $1 million per minute at the height of its popularity.

Now, Kardashian West is taking advantage of being the first celeb to have their own emoji line and launched KIMOKI Hearts fragrances, which brought in $10 million in four days.

Sounds silly, but emojis are big business, which is why even the most mundane iPhone user gets slightly more interested in the latest releases.

Remember when the world found out the taco emoji was going to be included in the new iOS updates and people thought it was the best thing about the iOS 10.2?

Well, get excited all over again, cupcake lovers, because your phone will be getting 157 new emojis this year and they include emojis for gingers, bald people, people with curly hair, and even salt (how was that not an emoji before?!).

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