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Woman Checks Nanny Cam To Monitor Sick Dog But Finds Strange Girl Asleep Instead!

Instead of seeing Amber, Sandie saw a still image of a sleeping child who she had never seen before in her life.

“I see this little girl and I say, ‘What is this?'” Sandie told her local news. “So I log out and I log back in and I see my dog. Then I log back in and I see this little girl. And it happened over a period of 24 hours.”


So what happened?

The manufacturer of the camera doesn’t know.

They gave Sandie an apology and sent her four new cameras, but she has a warning for anyone out there who is considering a DIY nanny cam system:

“I want people to know if you buy this, and set it up for your little baby, somebody else could be watching,” Sandie said.

Would You React The Same Way These People Would?

The Washington D.C. news outlet Sandie contacted reached out to the manufacturer on her behalf, but they didn’t receive an explanation why Sandie was able to see a total stranger’s nanny cam image.

It’s a little unsettling, don’t you think?

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