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Woman Checks Nanny Cam To Monitor Sick Dog But Finds Strange Girl Asleep Instead!

Just a few years ago, setting up a “nanny cam” took a pretty high IT IQ and a high bank balance.

But thanks to modern technology and the readily available cameras on the market, “nanny cams” are becoming more prevalent in homes today.


Any time you’re away, you just open an app on your phone or log in to a website and see right inside your house.

One lady got a lot more than a live-look at her living room when she checked in on her sick dog.


Sandie Kaplanis’ son bought her a simple “nanny cam” so she could check in on her dog, Amber, a 14-year-old lab who has kidney failure.


“I watch (Amber) to see if she’s breathing, to see if she is okay,” Sandie explained.

One day when she checked in on Amber from her phone, she got quite a shock.

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