This Nail Artist Has Come Up With Some Bizarre Ideas Like Teeth-Nails

Nothing makes a girl feel more relaxed, pampered, and on point like getting her nails done. It’s one of the easiest and most popular beauty routines in the country. Millions of women in the U.S. have acrylic, gel, or manicured nails but what makes someone stand out from the rest is the designs.

Whether you like round, square, or the pointed look, you can always up the ante by getting airbrushed art or even jewels embedded. However, one Russian nail salon is taking the idea of individuality to another level.

Nail Sunny has not just come up with innovative art for her clients but she’s also come up with some unique shapes, too. Recently, you may have seen a lot of hubbub surrounding the “teeth-nails” but it turns out she has even more crazy designs.

If you’re not familiar, the teeth-nails are exactly like they sound. The Nail Sunny artist applies the acrylic in a way that replicated human teeth. It’s definitely not a look everyone can pull off – or may even want to – but none of her designs are for the timid!

Check some of Nail Sunny’s designs out…

Presenting: Teeth Nails

If you thought “fur nails” were weird, you probably can’t sink your teeth into this design…

Another View

The “cavity/decay” is a little off-putting.

Here They Are In Action!

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In the caption, they asked “Nay or Yay?” and as you would expect, there were a lot of nays.


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