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Must See For Every Bride-To-Be: These Are The Wedding Details Worth – And Not Worth – The Stress!

Many women know exactly what they want long before their big day comes. Since they were little girls, they’ve dreamed about what dresses their bridesmaids will wear, what the decorum will look like, and even the venue. When they finally have the diamond ring on their finger, it’s time to make those dreams a reality!

But are all of the details necessary? Do you really need to have doves released as you leave the church? What about a horse-drawn Cinderella carriage or an eight-tier cake?

Social media has made every bride-to-be feel as if their wedding has to be so over the top that no one will forget it. The problem is, people will forget. In a year’s time, they won’t remember what that eight-tier cake tasted like and they won’t recall the color of your horses. They will remember, however, remember that they were there to witness you profess your unwavering love and commit to your husband, which is all that matters.

A group of recently-wed brides was polled about what details just weren’t worth the stress and which ones were and you may be a little shocked to find out what they had to say. Take a look…

Worth It: Photographer


This one was overwhelmingly voted as one of the most important details of your big day. A good photographer can be pricey, but many brides said it was totally worth it. “The night goes by way too fast,” Jillian Ferrara said. “It’s important to find someone you trust to document it for you.” Erin Sandberg added, “Choosing a photographer is something worth devoting time to because the photos are how you’ll always remember your wedding.”

Worth It: Music


Like the photographer, some venues have wedding planners that will suggest packages that include a photog and DJ. While we are not saying their suggestions will turn out disastrous, we are saying not to rush into anything because it’s a “package price.” Erin said, “The DJ is definitely worth the stress because the party is what most guests will remember about your day. If you’re looking into a live band, make sure you book early and that you tell them exactly what you’re looking for.

Worth It: Extra Lighting


Not all, but many venues suggest you find additional lighting for the ceremony and reception. Don’t turn your nose at this advice; Jilian said she thought it would be frivolous but it turned out to be a major factor in her big day. “I spoke to numerous vendors about all sorts of lighting options, all of which seemed too expensive, but it ended up being my favorite part about the room,” she said.

Worth It: Anything You REALLY Want


Remember, this day is about you and your groom! If you want Sushi as your main course, you do it, sister! If you feel the invitations are important for sentimental reasons and can’t find one you like, spring the extra cash to have them specially designed for you. “If it’s important to you and your spouse, not to anyone else,” Jessica Perfetto explains “then the stress is totally worth it!”

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