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Mother Horrified After Curious 4-Year-Old Finds A Rusted Explosive Hidden In Their Home!

There are millions of people in the world with a passion for adventure. Not just TV personalities like Bear Grylls or those brave mountaineers that make it their life’s mission to reach the summit of Mt. Everest, either. We’re talking about ordinary people with ordinary careers and an extraordinary sense of exploring the world we live in. Most of us who thrive on feeling the rush of excitement as we embark on something new had the seed planted as a child. We couldn’t wait for Christmas season so we could crawl around the attic looking for boxes of decorations with our parents or helping dad clean out the garage in the spring.

For many, these little adventures, as simple and unimpressive as they may seem to adults are a world of imagination and treasure-hunting for children. Truth be told, some kids may have had a deeper connection to nature than others and truly did go on adventures like in a local forest but any exploration of the unknown or forgotten can certainly feel like an adventure!


A four-year-old in Virginia named Andrew has a passion for adventure, hoping to find a hidden treasure, like many kids his age. Earlier this month, he came across something on one of his explorations that terrified his mom and brought the authorities out to their Chesterfield home.

Andrew wanted to explore the crawl space under the laundry room and begged his mom Sarah for permission. For weeks, she repeatedly denied access to the little adventurer but finally one day she figured, “What’s the worse that can happen?” She was about to find out…


At first, Andrew only found old junk like bottles and junk but then noticed something he couldn’t make out over in the corner. His fear got the best of him and he had to enlist the help of a senior explorer – aka his dad – to check out what it was. It turned out to be an old, rusty bomb.

Immediately apprehensive, Sarah insisted that they call the authorities to come take a look, telling her local news, “My first thought was we shouldn’t be handling it and step back, but after seeing it had rusted through in a couple spots and it wasn’t heavy, we kinda figured it wasn’t ‘hot’ anymore.”

Luckily, they were right. The previous owner of the house was a World War II vet and the couple believes he just forgot to tell anyone what he had stored in the house. The police checked out the house with reinforcements and determined there were no other treasures buried inside and everything was safe. As a reward for his find, Andrew was allowed to take photos with the WW2 bomb before it was handed over to experts for safe keeping.


Source: Mom Horrified When Curious Toddler Finds Rusty Deadly Weapon Hidden Under Stairs by Liftable

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