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Monty Is The Most Adorable Kitty With The Most Unusual Face!

Most animal lovers are well aware that when you adopt from a shelter, you won’t know your new pets’ history 100-percent and there is the possibility that they may have serious health issues.

Many already know this, and some animal enthusiasts even prefer to adopt a pup or kitty who may not be totally healthy.

The way they see it, they have plenty of love and compassion to give an animal less fortunate and they would hate for he or she to live out their days in a cage.

Like anyone who adopts their pet, these people should get a big round of applause because they have – in more cases than not – saved this animal’s life by giving it a forever home.

A couple in Denmark are avid cat-lovers and already had adopted two kitties before finding Monty last year, who would soon change their lives just as much as they changed his.

Monty was born without a nasal bridge due to a chromosomal abnormality, which is the reason for his unusual – and irresistibly adorable – face.


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