Mom Writes Heartfelt Letter To Co-Workers After They Call Her Maternity Leave ‘A Vacation’

This is 2018 which means tens of millions of women in the U.S. have careers. Some of these ladies are even moms! This isn’t breaking news or a novel concept; it happens every day in every state and has for quite a while. Regardless of how much equality companies preach, there are employers and employees who still show bias. This happens to people of color, orientation, religion, but it also happens to mothers.


Men are used to the fact that women make up nearly half the workforce in the U.S. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, the number is actually 47-percent. That’s not the issue at hand, neither is the pay discrepancy between men and women. There is a large number of people – women included – that quietly throw shade at one specific group of women in the workforce: Those who go on maternity leave.


For the most part, your co-workers get it. Especially those that went through having a baby while juggling a career. However, there’s a bunch that doesn’t. They see maternity leave as an extended vacation.


You may have even been one of these working moms that was told, “Must be nice…” when your officemates found out you were working your last week before taking your leave. Actually, if your company offers true maternity leave, you’re one of the lucky few. Many corporations make you file for short-term disability in order to get a percentage of your paycheck and to ensure you’ll still have a job when you’re ready to come back.

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