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After Tragic Death Of Her Son, Mom Warns Parents About Dangerous Common Spice

When a baby begins to crawl, parents immediately begin to babyproof the house.

The cabinets and drawers get locked, electrical outlets get covers plugged into them, chemicals get placed on high shelves in closets and every other dangerous situation a toddler can get into tries to get thwarted.


Chemicals and cleaners are the first things that parents and caregivers think of when they first survey their house to check for potential baby dangers.

Something many adults don’t consider is spices.


Yes, the spice rack. Full of garlic salt, onion powder, rosemary, basil, other common spices and even those that will sit unopened until the winter like Nutmeg, only to return to its rightful place and not be seen again for another year.


One mother recently found out that one of those spices, a spice so common it appears just about everywhere when autumn comes around, can be fatal to children.

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