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Mom Warns Parents About Deadly Household Item That Has Daughter Fighting For Her Life

Kacie Barradell’s family is left wondering if their two-year-old daughter will ever walk again after she swallowed a common household item that nearly took her life. After Cheryl’s daughter couldn’t stop vomiting and having nonstop diarrhea, she rushed her to the emergency room right away. But it would be several days later when she finally learned what was causing all of Kacie’s symptoms.

As it turns out, doctors discovered in an X-ray a tiny lithium button battery and promptly performed surgery to remove it. But a week later, Kacie would be back in the hospital – this time for vomiting blood.

Kacie’s esophagus was badly burned by the battery, which is commonly found in toys and car keys, along with two of the arteries in her back. The damage was so serious, doctors gave her a 40 percent  chance of survival. They also said she might never walk again and could be paralyzed from the waist down.

The toxic element of lithium button batteries lies not only in being a choking hazard but also the poisonous acid chemicals that can permanently burn a child’s insides and eat through their flesh.

For now, Kacie is eating from a feeding tube and will continue to stay in the hospital for the next month, recovering. Although it’s unclear whether she will ever walk again, one thing is clear: Cheryl’s warning to other parents about the deadly threat these batteries pose to children.

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