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Mom Shares Simple, Lifesaving Trick With Car Seat And It’s Going Viral!

Since probably the dawning of time, women have been getting unsolicited advice on child-rearing. Most of the people offering their advice aren’t doing it out of malice or to annoy the new mom, but we can all admit as well-intentioned as these caring ladies are, it can be a little annoying. Women want to feel as if they know what they are doing and what is best for their child. It isn’t helpful when they lose confidence in their own abilities because someone thinks they know the best baby bath you should use.


And of course, things change over the years – a lot sometimes. If you have more than one child, think back to when your oldest was an infant – were you instructed to lay them on their back or on their sides in their cribs when it was time to sleep? Now, think about what the advice was regarding this exact scenario when your youngest was born. See what we mean?


The same goes for just about everything! Your mother may have said to you, “When you were teething, I’d rub brandy on your gums and you turned out just fine,” as you quickly grabbed the Baby Orajel before she could tell you any more unhelpful antidotes from your own childhood.


Even car seats have changed a lot over the years. There was a time when a child didn’t use a car seat or booster past four years old, whereas now, it’s a law in just about every state that a child must be secured in a crash-tested, federally-approved car or booster seat until their sixth birthday.

But, some advice is actually brilliant and could even be lifesaving. One mom figured out another way to use a car seat to save her child’s life and her post is now going viral.

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