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One Mom Spent Hours Painting Her Beautiful Daughter’s Bald Head For Her Senior Pictures

When you’re a parent, you will do anything within your power to make your child feel safe, smart, beautiful and most importantly, loved.

It’s basically is a job requirement!


For their part, children trust their parents and even when they are grown – and sometimes getting there – they turn to their parents for guidance and help.

That’s what high school student Madisyn Babcock did when it was time for her senior pictures and the result is nothing short of stunning.


Madisyn asked her mom, an aspiring artist, to paint her head.

Madisyn has alopecia, a condition where hair loss occurs as a result of the immune system mistakenly attacking hair follicles.


Madisyn and her mom wanted to embrace her natural beauty and raise awareness for alopecia, her mother got our her paint brushes.

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