Mom Furious After 11-Month-Old Son’s Hands Are Severely Burned At Daycare

If you are a parent with a full-time job and have your child in a daycare center, Jenny McGivney’s story is one of your worst nightmares. Both Jenny and her husband have 40-hour per week careers, which means after Jenny gave birth to her son Aiden, she eventually had to return to work. The McGivney’s did their due diligence in finding a suitable, licensed provider to take care of their son and believed they found that with the Goddard School in West Austin, TX. She had no idea that just a few months later, their worlds would be turned upside down forever.


While Jenny was at work one day, she received a call from the daycare alerting her that Aiden had burned his hand on one of the doors but not to worry about it.

“They said (Aiden) had touched something hot on a door, either a metal door or a metal plate on the door and that he had burnt his finger,” she said. “I asked if he was okay and they said he was fine, no rush to come.”

Jenny went about the rest of her workday with the assurance from the Goddard School that everything was alright. Considering he was just under a year old, things happen during the clumsy, wobbly stage, right?

But when she arrived to pick Aiden up, she was shocked beyond belief at what she saw. Her sweet son was screaming at the top of his lungs due to the amount of pain he was in. When Jenny looked at his hands, she saw huge yellow blisters covering his palms.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Jenny said. “I couldn’t believe what I saw. He was losing it.”


She picked him up and took him to the doctor’s office next to the daycare. They told her to take him to the hospital immediately but as soon as they arrived, doctors took one look at Aiden and had him transported to a burn unit and held overnight. The little boy spent 11 hours in surgery to repair both of his hands.

Jenny says looking at her sweet baby lying in a hospital bed under anesthesia with both hands heavily wrapped in gauze was “the worst part,” as she began to cry. Aiden is back home and now wear compression gloves, which he may have to use to protect his hands for up to a year.

The McGivneys are suing the Goddard School for Aiden’s injury and Jenny just cannot fathom how this happened.

“It was cool that day,” Jenny said. “It was 75 degrees. How did the door get that hot? What were the teachers doing and why didn’t they call for help?”


Source: 11-Mo-Old Infant Severely Burned at Daycare on Both Hands. Mother Rushes Him to ER by Liftable

The McGivneys have many questions about that tragic day and haven’t gotten any answers at this point. They are relying on the courts to hand out some justice and force the truth of what happened to Aiden that day to come out.

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