Mom And Daughter Chase Down Would-Be Child Abductor After Saving Victim

Having your child abducted is one of every parent’s greatest fear. The thought of a stranger, with likely sinister intentions, taking your son or daughter and committing heinous crimes against them is enough to send shivers down the spine of every mom and dad. One family is thankful that another mother spotted their daughter in the process of being abducted and decided to act on her instincts to help.

A 17-year-old Houston high school student, who is remaining anonymous due to her age and the situation, was walking to school when a green pickup truck pulled up alongside her. The man got out of the truck and the student said she immediately knew she was in trouble.

“I thought he was going to abduct me, then rape and murder me,” the student recalled.

Fortunately for her, a woman named Cecilia was driving her own daughter to school when she saw the man trying to force the student into his truck.


Cecilia and her daughter pulled up behind the truck, which broke the man’s focus and he loosened his grasp on the student’s arm.

“She turned around and looked at us,” Cecilia’s daughter said.

That’s when the student was able to break free. Cecilia and her daughter yelled to the girl to get in their car, which scared the would-be abductor into getting into his own vehicle and he started to drive away.

That’s when Cecilia decided she wasn’t going to let this wannabe kidnapper get away with what he attempted to do and with both her daughter and the man’s victim safely in her car, she sped after him.


While her daughter called the police, Cecilia stayed at a safe distance following behind the green truck for about 10 minutes. He tried to lose her down several streets and turns but she stayed relentlessly in pursuit.

At one point, Cecilia did lose sight of the assailant but said afterward she “felt led” to turn down a particular street. Lo and behold – there he was!

The chase ended when the man, Daniel Zapata, drove into a ditch and Cecilia blocked him with her vehicle, not allowing him to get away while emergency personnel drove to the scene.He tried to ram his truck into her car but realizing he still wouldn’t be able to flee, he decided to plea with Cecilia to let him leave the scene.

Once law enforcement arrived, Zapata was arrested and later charged with attempted kidnapping, aggravated assault, and a DUI. It was Zapata’s third DUI offense.

This could have ended much differently if Cecilia had not stopped and continued driving to school but thankfully, a teenaged girl gets to sleep in her own bed at night while a repeat offender is locked away.

Watch The Video Of Cecilia Chasing Down The Abductor!

Source: Mom & Daughter Chase Down Man in Truck After He Tries Abducting Teen Girl Off Street by Liftable

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