Models With Scars, Birthmarks, And Skin Conditions Featured In New Ad Campaign For Fashion House

Over the past few years, we have seen a shift in the fashion industry. Models like Ashley Graham and Winnie Harlow have made designers rethink the stereotypical “every model will have blonde hair, blue eyes, and be a size 0” requirement for the women who strut the catwalk and are featured in magazine ads. Missguided is one of these fashion houses that is throwing the old idea out the window and replacing it with the idea that all women are beautiful.

The U.K.-based retailer has launched a powerful campaign that features models with scars, birthmarks, and other skin conditions to celebrate the individual beauty that all women possess in a campaign called #InYourOwnSkin.



Maya Spencer-Berkeley has Epidermolysis bullosa (EB). Sufferers are often called “butterfly children/women/men” because their skin is so fragile it constantly blisters and tears. “I think we are on the way to empowering women a lot more than we used to,” she said. “Showing REAL women and not giving everyone the idea that there is just one way to be.”



This Brazilian beauty is not only a plus-sized model, but she also has albinism. She is on a mission to break the stigma that comes with having a skin condition or with a body that is curvy. “My role in life is not to be accepted by society. I live fearlessly and I am unapologetically me,” she explained.



Mariana is a 24-year-old designer who was born with a large birthmark on her face. She is just one of the gorgeous models in an ongoing effort by Missguided to show all women as “real and authentic.”

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