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Model Born Without Legs Says She’s Not Disabled And Doesn’t Let It Stop Her

After about a year of taking care of her, the monks eventually took Kanya to a hospital in Bangkok that had more resources to treat her and the connections to find Kanya a loving home. For a couple of years, Kanya lived with an older couple that she adored and referred to as her “grandparents,” but the time came soon enough to meet a couple from Oregon who would bring her to the United States and become her parents.

So how does a girl without legs become an “independently, happy” and successful young lady and model? First, Kanya says she isn’t disabled, so that attitude has something to do with it!

“I honestly don’t use the term ‘disabled’, more like uniquely different. Disabled to me seems like a word which prevents you being what you are,” she explained. “I can still move and walk on hands. Being born with what you don’t have and having to go through life challenges you in your own ways.

“I was born without legs so I have to make my life in my own way – out of my own perspective through the reality.”

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Kanya’s positivity doesn’t stop there. She’s been brutally bullied in the past but she says those people just aren’t worth getting upset over.

“You can’t let people, who are small-minded with negative energy or mindset, or problems or any different reasoning, affect your life,” Kanya said.

She took the negativity and turned into a goal to change how beauty is perceived in this world. A decade ago, she started modeling and has since become quite successful but Kanya vows it won’t be her career forever.

“I wasn’t planning to have modeling as my main way of making a living. I just love doing it because I want to change the beauty standards. I want to show how modeling is a work of art. Like a photograph, it projects onto the canvas expressing people’s personalities,” Kanya said. “Modelling is not the main thing I do for a living. It’s not my main priority. I want to be a motivational speaker.”

Kanya said her outlook and belief in herself stems from her parents who adopted her 20 years ago.

My adopted family have been here to support me and help me strive to accomplish my goals. Without them, I wouldn’t have as many blessings as I do now.

I love them and thank them everyday for what they have done for me. They’re very open-minded people, with free spirits, who accept me for what I do.

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