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Model Born Without Legs Says She’s Not Disabled And Doesn’t Let It Stop Her

There are so many young people in the world who have been dealt a bad hand yet continue to amaze others by using whatever disadvantage they have as motivation to accomplish feats even the most able-bodied person would struggle to do. These hurdles come in all forms from health-related conditions to financial circumstance. Time and time again we hear stories of these brave humans who refuse to take no for an answer and inspire the rest of the world to have their positive outlook and determination.

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Kanya Sesser is one of these amazing young people who has struggled throughout her 25 years on this planet. Kanya is now a model but circumstances in her life could very easily led her down the path to becoming a shut-in or recluse.

Kanya’s hardships aren’t based solely on a medical condition or financial restraints; hers are multi-faceted.

Kanya is originally from Pak Chong, Thailand. She was abandoned on the steps of a Buddhist temple when she was an infant. Why? Because Kanya was born without legs.

“I was told, when I was abandoned, in the distance there was a younger looking woman, aged around 18-20 years old,” Kanya explains. “Apparently, she was not from the area, but was looking over towards me in a ‘motherly way’. Not long after, she’s said to have got the train back into town, so I think this was possibly my mother?”

Without a family to take care of the baby without legs, the monks stepped in and became her family for a year.

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