This Hilarious Mind-Reading Robot Prank Had 1 Man Believing He Was Part Of History

In the hidden camera Disney XD show, Walk the Prank, unsuspecting people become targets for outrageously scripted (and unscripted) practical jokes. Characters Chance, Dusty, Bailey and Herman are the hilarious jokers behind this series that has everyone cracking up.

Terry Walker got pranked so hard by his BFF on the recent “Mind Meld” episode which set him up to think he was helping a robot read his mind. But what Terry also didn’t know was that his friend gave all of his details to the producers, who then used the answers to make it seem as if the “robot” was reading his mind.

From his hobbies to his favorite type of music, you can’t help but laugh at how trusting and vulnerable Terry is by his astonished facial expressions.

“She’s accessing your brain,” said the “scientist” conducting the experiment.

“I’m going to be part of history,” Terry exclaims. “This is so cool!”

But things begin to take a turn for the weird when the robot asks the scientist why she’s “looking at herself.” Clearly rattled, Terry doesn’t quite know what to do when things begin to escalate in a terrifying way.

You’ll have to watch the video below to see how it all turns out for him in the hilarious ending to the show.

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