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Tough To Disguise Talent – Miley Cyrus Performs Surprise Subway Concert With Jimmy Fallon

For anyone who’s ever visited or lived in New York City, the site of buskers performing for money in subway stations is a pretty common thing. In exchange for a song, a dance or an unusual performance artist piece, donations are how these portable talent shows sustain their art.

Hearing and seeing a talented performance on a daily basis isn’t uncommon; but even when it’s the sights of Miley Cyrus and Jimmy Fallon not even a flimsy disguise could hide the infamous songstress’ talent.

There’s No Disguising Talent Like Miley’s


Donning a black wig and a cowboy hat alongside fake mustache-wearing Jimmy, Miley broke into song with Dolly Parton’s hit song “Jolene.” As a small crowd began to circle around the pretend buskers, there was no mistaking that there was something extra special about this band of buskers.

People Went Wild For Her Subway Performance

It wasn’t long before people started to figure out that the woman in the cowboy hat was, in fact, Miss Miley. Once the jig was up, the thrilled crowd sang along with Miley and Jimmy to her hit song “Party In The U.S.A.”

She’s Truly A Talented Star

It was an unforgettable moment that gave bystanders and subway riders the ultimate thrill that day.

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