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Scientists Say Menstrual Cramps Are As Painful As Heart Attacks And Twitter Explodes

Do you ever get the feeling that sometimes scientists and researchers get bored with looking through microscopes and calculating data? Like they need a break from the real scientific stuff every once in a while and need to have a little fun?

If not, how else do you explain the countless surveys, polls, and testing that gets done that has absolutely no relevance to anyone except a Jeopardy! contestant?


You’ve probably seen exactly what we’re talking about – the articles that pop up on your Facebook feed that tell you “If You Like Dogs You Also Like Ice Cream” and other nonsensical studies that have no actual point other than, “Hey this is cool.”


One of these studies was recently released that stated that menstrual cramps are as painful as a heart attack. Now, it’s very vindicating to be able to pull this useful information out of your back pocket in an argument with your husband but any woman who has ever experienced cramping once a month is perfectly aware of how painful they can be.

Regardless of whether or not the level of pain a woman experiences during her cycle needs to be justified, Marie Claire recently relayed information gathered from Professor of reproductive health at University College London, John Guillebaud, who told Quartz that patients have described the cramping pain as “almost as bad as having a heart attack.”

What makes this study kind of amusing, however, are the responses both men and women gave on Twitter.

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