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This Mother Set Her Maternity Photo Shoot To Coincide With The Eclipse

It was seen as a once in a lifetime opportunity. While the happen all the time, to places all across the planet, this was one of the rare instances when a major part of the U.S. would experience its cosmic convergence. When the solar eclipse occurred on August 21, 2017, the entire country took it as a chance to see something they might never get to experience again, social media lighting up with stories of shadows, crescents, and the inevitable delights (and a few disappointments).

Nichole Carver Wanted Some Very Special Maternity Photos


For Nichole Carver, it was a chance to do something extra special. Pregnant with her fourth child, the mom-to-be got a great idea. With the baby coming this fall, she would use the interstellar spectacular as a way of celebrating the new life, as well as paying tribute to the traumas and tragedies that had befallen the family before.

So She Set Up A Shoot During The Recent Eclipse


During her previous deliveries, the Carvers experienced the joys of two happy, healthy children. But there was sadness as well, when another baby, a little girl they named Emma, was stillborn. Because the couple viewed this final planned pregnancy as a miracle, and the upcoming birth of their son as an equally exciting prospect, Nichole wanted to really commemorate the moment. So she asked her mother-in-law, professional photographer Lisa Cruikshank, to do her maternity photos. Nature would be the theme, with the eclipse the perfect otherworldly backdrop.

And This Was The Result


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