Manager Makes Horrifying Discovery After Opening Abandoned Backpack In Grocery Parking Lot

On a recent sweltering hot Arizona June day, the manager of a Food City store was alerted by a customer to a suspicious Jonas Brothers backpack inside of a grocery cart in the parking lot of the Tempe location. As he made his way out towards the mysterious backpack, he wasn’t prepared for the horrify discovery he was about to make.

A Food City Manager Made A Horrifying Discovery Inside This Jonas Brothers Backpack


Inside of the backpack was a tiny newborn baby girl wrapped in a blanket, with her umbilical cord still attached. He quickly called 911 and paramedics – who estimated the girl was just one day old – were dispatched to the scene as soon as possible.

In The Sweltering Heat, He Found A Newborn Baby Girl Wrapped In A Blanket Inside The Backpack


While the manager closely held the baby girl he called “beautiful,” he remained on the line with the dispatcher who gave him careful instructions on how to test whether or not the baby had good vitals signs. After a series of questions, he was also asked to flick the bottom of the baby’s feet so that the dispatcher could hear her cry.

The Tiny Baby Girl’s Umbilical Cord Was Still Attached When She Was Found


After she let out a hearty cry, the dispatcher reassured him that this meant her lungs were working properly. Once paramedics arrived, they whisked the newborn off to a local hospital for careful observation.

Although investigators currently do not have any leads on the whereabouts of the mother, thankfully this little miracle girl is getting stronger every day.

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