Man Transforms Everyday Photos Into Magical Scenes With Paper Cut-Outs

Some people are just naturally creative with an “eye” for art. Have you ever looked up at a cloud and thought, “That one looks like my grandmother!” or noticed that shadows can make certain shapes? If you have, you may have a creative side or talent for art that you never realized before.

A few years ago, an artist in London who goes by “Paperboyo” took some photos of his beautiful city but wanted to make them stand out. He started thinking of unique ways of doing this and came up with the idea of adding a paper cutout of something unrelated to the photo subject and transform some of the London sites into magic scenes.

He posted just a couple on his Instagram page and was contacted to make more. Suddenly, Paperboyo found himself somewhat of an Internet star! He’s been traveling the world making the photos ever since. They really are amazing and really capture how imaginative some people are.

Take a look at 15 of his creations:


I've got a few more Toronto images to share with you all. This one, with the CN tower, might just be my new favourite photo. The evening I took this I was on the only boat on the water as the sky danced through a spectrum of colours, each colour change transforming the water around me as well as the skyline ahead. The boat's skipper & I snapped away on our cameras, only stopping to whisper 'wow' as another colour came to the palette. I was in my element, but it was only with a bit of luck and a dash of Canadian friendliness that I'd managed to get here. I was in Toronto in June, when the islands were closed due to floods so the ferries weren't running & the water taxis were finishing in the middle of the afternoons. I'd walked down to the harbour to see if I could get out on the water for sunsets but was greeted with headshakes. Eventually I managed to turn one of those headshakes into a nod and so I have to give a shoutout to @infinitywatertaxitoronto, you're a legend. Thanks for showing me one of the very best sunsets I've seen in all of my adventures #ExploreCanada #MyCanadianAffair @ExploreCanada @airtransat #Toronto #CNTower

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He turned the CN Tower in Toronto into a little girl looking through a telescope.


Is it The Neon Museum in Las Vegas or Marilyn Monroe’s famous photo?


Paperboyo visited Niagara-On-The-Lake and turned this gazebo into a man and woman on their wedding day.


Peter Pan flying over Big Ben in London.


Game of Foams #takenwithxperia @sonyxperiagb #xperia

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He calls this one “Game of Foams!”


Simple, yet captivating.


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