Man Set To Undergo Life-Changing Surgery To Remove Tumor Covering Half His Face

Some people are just dealt a bad hand in life, through no fault of their own, and they just have to do their best to overcome hurdle after hurdle. Ghulam Hyder is one of these people. Ghulam has neurofibromatosis – a genetic disorder described by the Mayo Clinic as causing tumors to form on nerve tissue. The tumors can develop anywhere, especially on the nervous system, and in Ghulam’s case, they formed on his face,


Now 32, Ghulam was not born with the disorder but began growing tumors when he was two years old. Sadly, his parents were unable to afford to take him to any local hospitals in Nawabshah, Pakistan because they lived in extreme poverty. To make matters worse, they passed away when Ghulam was a young child, forcing him and his brother to be raised by their elderly grandfather.


Ghulam suffered a lot when he was a child, not just because of the deaths of his parents, but also due to the extreme cruelty he faced at school. Ghulam quit school when he was eight because other students were afraid of his appearance.

“I was forced to quit my studies even before I could complete my primary education as other students were scared of me,” Ghulam explained. “For years, I remained confined to my home and hardly used to go out as neighbors used to look at me differently.”


Although Ghulam’s tumor grew and grew, it is still benign, but he still struggles to do simple things like eat and even breathe. He says because of the enormity of his growth, he can’t see out of his right eye.

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