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Brave Man Pulls Over To Desperately Save A Distressed Rabbit From The Massive California Wildfires

Most of the country is watching in horror as wildfires continue to ravage Southern California.

Four major fires are destroying hundreds of thousands of acreage in the Los Angeles area and the brutal Santa Ana winds are fanning the flames throughout the region.

For the immediate future, things are looking bleak but there is a sliver of hope that the gusts will die down soon and emergency personnel will be able to contain the wildfires.

According to the National Weather Service, sustained winds were gusting to 66 mph Thursday morning at Boney Mountain in Ventura County.

Winds are expected to increase another 15 mph, spreading hot embers even further as humidity is hovering around the teens and even single-digits in parts of the region.

ABC News reports that the Thomas fire – the first to ignite and the largest of the fires – has burned approximately 96,000 acres of land and is expected to intensify due to the increasing winds.

The Skirball fire is currently the smallest of the wildfires but is the biggest threat to the heavily-populated areas of Los Angeles and is drawing widespread attention around the U.S. and has struck unimaginable fear in the hearts of millions of L.A. residents.

The Creek and Rye fires also continued to burn Thursday with little containment.

Tens of thousands of SoCal residents have already evacuated and tens of thousands more went to bed – if they were able to – with the warning that they could find themselves in the middle of another wildfire as the Santa Anas are causing embers to spread and ignite more dry land with its hurricane-force winds.

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