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Be Prepared, Ladies – The Holiday Season Is Here Which Means The ‘Man Cold’ Will Be Too

It seems like we just sent our children back to school and now the holidays are starting to usher themselves in.

But it isn’t just altering work schedules for holiday school breaks or the influx of relatives that want to make their yearly visits that has us stressed out.

It’s not even the thought of all of the cooking, cleaning, decorating, baking, cleaning, wrapping, and endless errands (did we mention cleaning?) that has us on full-alert.

Flu season is also upon us and let’s face it, it isn’t ourselves or kids that cause us the most dread; it’s the “man cold.”

If you’re in a long-term relationship or married, you know the “man cold,” ladies.

Here are 12 tweets that perfectly sum up what all the mothers, wives, and girlfriends out there are dreading the most this holiday season.

At Least He Admits What The Problem Is

This is every attached woman’s struggle…


Seriously, why do men need to make a big announcement every 10 seconds that they have a cold?

We’ve All Been There, Sister

Sometimes you really do want to run and hide, but if you do, who will pick up all those used tissues?