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This Artists Astonishing Make-Up Illusions Are Mind-Boggling And Brilliant

All it takes is the right color. The proper application. The talent and the technique. Back in the day, actors knew that they could radically alter how they looked with just a bit of greasepaint and a whole lot of skill. Today, technology has come along to help. Practical effects in movies have given way to CGI, and with it, the loss of the tactile and realism that comes from a quality make-up job. But this hasn’t stopped those with the creativity and drive to see what they can do with a pallet of colors and a brush. In fact, some of these amazing artists are blowing people’s minds with their incredible optical illusions.

Mimi Choi is Canadian, and she initially trained to be a teacher. She worked in a preschool for nearly three years before realizing she’d rather do something with her talents than sit at a desk all day long. So she left the classroom and started experimenting from home. While she had mastered the ability to apply professional looks for weddings and such, she wanted to expand her range. She decided to work in illusion. Inspired by a love of Halloween, she broke out her black and white eyeliner, and the rest, as she said, is history. With a quarter million followers on Instagram, Choi is a make-up magician. Check out the gallery included here and we think you will agree.

This Is Mimi Choi

She used to be a preschool teacher.

She Is A Very Beautiful Woman

And she has an incredible talent.

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See What We Mean?

She’s an expert with make-up.

Her 3D Illusions Have Made Her An Instagram Star

And with good reason.

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