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Move Over, Unicorn Frappuccino! You’re Going To Fall In Love With Magical Mermaid Toast!

After creating loads and loads of rainbow-hued unicorn toast, food stylist and blogger Adeline Waugh decided things had gotten “stagnant.” Taking her from The Little Mermaid, Adeline took her pretty breakfast creations in a completely different direction.

On her Vibrant and Pure blog, she wrote: “I named my new creation ‘mermaid toast’ on a whim, since it reminded me of the ocean, and the next day it was in the press being celebrated (and hated on) as the latest trend! Crazy stuff.”

Using all natural ingredients to tint the base (cream cheese), Adeline crafted the most magical breakfast options we’ve ever seen. With bold splashes of color, little bits of dried flowers, gold leaf, sprinkles, stars and a swirling galaxy of varied blues and greens, each creation is a work of art.

For those interested in her recipe, here it is:

  • cream cheese (regular or almond milk cream cheese will work fine)
  • spirulina powder
  • chlorophyll drops
  • a piece of toasted bread
  • a butter knife

“I add very small amounts of chlorophyll and spirulina to the cream cheese, mix it together and see what the color ends up looking like. Then, if I want a deeper or more pigmented color, I add a little more, bit by bit, until I have the color I desire. I add a base of plain white cream cheese first, and then I start swiping the different blues and greens on in a motion mimicking waves.”

In fact, her mermaid toast is almost too beautiful to eat. Adeline said she’s just doing this for fun, and the more creative you get with your mermaid toast, the better!

Thanks for the inspiration, Adeline! We can’t wait to make breakfast tomorrow!

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