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Battling Insomnia? You Might Want To Check Out This Slumber-Inducing Lotion

It’s a curse for those who have it. Many of us don’t realize what it’s like NOT to get a good night’s sleep. By the time the day is over, as we are snuggling under the covers with an iPad in our lap or Netflix on the TV, we find ourselves drifting off, the Sandman having delivered his dust and our eyelids getting heavier and heavier. Before we know it, we wake to a strong sun coming in through the curtains, or a weird electronic buzzing as the WIFI dies out on whatever device you are using.

Insomnia Is A Real Problem For Many People


For those who suffer with insomnia, however, this is something that rarely happens. Their brain never shuts off, their mind constantly moving through the day’s events and those to come over and over and over again. The smallest pain is inflated to ER-level emergencies, the body rebelling from the lack of rest. There is no real cure for the condition, just talk of proper sleep “hygiene” and possible natural supplements which may or may not result in a couple of hours of uneasy sleep.

There Are Many Possible Treatments, But No Cures


Now, users of a product produced by LUSH are claiming that it can help people who suffer with insomnia. It’s a body cream called “Sleepy” and it’s usually available during the company’s Christmas sale. Several Internet experts (aren’t they all?) have claimed that a regular application of the wonderful smelling stuff at night results in a one track train ride to the Land of Nod.

And This May Be The Latest


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