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Loyal Pup Refuses To Leave Owner’s Side After He Fell Unconscious From 6-Foot Fall

Jesus Hueche was outside of his family home, perched in a tree six-feet above the ground when the unthinkable happened – he lost his balance and fell while trimming the tree. The fall was so bad that after he hit his head on the cement, he was knocked unconscious.

Jesus Hueche Fell Unconscious After Falling From A Tree While Trimming It

Here he is with his dog Tony.

His Faithful Dog Refused To Leave His Side

While his family waited on the paramedics to arrive, it would be Jesus’ dog Tony who would end up comforting his owner while he lay on the pavement, desperately waiting for medical attention.

The Paramedics Were Touched By The Dog’s Loyalty To Its Owner

Once they arrived, they were stunned to see such an incredible display of love from Jesus’ dog, who crawled on top of his owner’s chest to comfort him. As the dog lay draped across Jesus’ chest, it was clear that Tony’s animal instincts to comfort his human took priority.

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