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Left To Die In A Pile Of Trash, This Little Warrior’s Transformation Is Beautiful

After devastating earthquakes rocked Haiti in 2010, Sarah Conque was inspired to help out the city’s abandoned children at Danita’s Children Medical Center. She made the journey in hopes of making a difference in the lives of orphaned children who were in desperate need of medical care at the facility.

While working as a certified therapeutic recreation specialist, (CTRS), Sarah encountered a woman one day who brought in three-month-old Nika who was suffering from the rare condition hydrocephalus, also known as water on the brain.

Sarah knew the little girl needed help immediately so she arranged for her to have neurosurgery. Two months later, the surgery happened and she was on her way to recovery but Sarah later found out that no one came to pick her up. As it turned out, the woman who originally brought Nika in for help was actually her mother.

11-Month-Old Nika Was Left By The Trash To Die

The odds of her surviving her rare condition – hydrocephalus – were steep.

Doctors Said Only .5% Of Nika’s Brain Was Functioning

But Sarah wasn’t giving up on her yet.

She Asked The Abandoned Girl’s Mother If She Could Care For Her

Nika’s mother agreed and Sarah began the guardianship process.

Since Arriving In Louisiana In 2015…

Nika has had several therapies and procedures.

Nika Wasn’t Expected To Survive

This strong little warrior has been proving the medical community wrong and it’s beautiful!

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